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AlphaMatrix Hydrogel

Defined 3D-Culture Environment

Colon HCT116_scale bar_08-16-2021_ HCT116_5k_1_10X_AK29,2.Day14.jpeg

HCT-116 colon cell lines cultured in AlphaMatrix

Saguaro’s proprietary AlphaMatrix hydrogel helps users replicate cancers in vitro in a way that has never been possible before. With AlphaMatrix, users have peace of mind that the results of their 3D cultures will be truthful and consistent. They can also seamlessly integrate it in their compound-testing workflows.

Unlike animal-derived matrices (basement membrane extracts), AlphaMatrix has a chemically-defined composition, which means it is not made up of thousands of unknown proteins and growth factors that may interfere with the investigated biology. It is also distinct from synthetic matrix alternatives, because it does not suffer from protocol-related issues that make these alternatives incompatible with automation or downstream analysis. The prohibitive cost of synthetic matrices can also prevent their use at greater scales.


The AlphaMatrix hydrogel was successfully tested with many different cell lines, and with patient-derived gastric cells to form multicellular 3D structures. It comes in a kit for one multi-well plate. Matrix dissociation solution enables efficient cell recovery and is optional.

Supports the Growth of Different Cell Types
Breast, lung, colon, ovarian, and many others.
alphamatrix cell lines.png

A) MCF-7 breast, B) H23 lung, C) HCT 116 colon, and D) SK-OV-3 ovarian cell lines grown in the AlphaMatrix hydrogel

Use 3D-Matrix Cultures at Large Scale
AlphaMatrix is compatible with automated workflows. It follows a straightforward protocol, and can be dissociated for downstream analysis
alphamtrix hydrogel mix.png

AlphaMatrix hydrogel mix

Three-step preparation

Step 1. Combine hydrogel mix 
Step 2. Combine AlphaMatrix with cells, then dispense in plates
Step 3. Add gelling solution to plates

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