More phenotypes at more time points to catch new insights into cellular biology


MCF-7 cells stained with ChromaLive and captured with the Zeiss LSM800 microscope


A First-of-a-Kind Dye

Trusted by 11 of the top 15 big pharma companies

Cells can reveal a lot about the performance of new drug compounds. Being confined to a finite number of time points or cellular states per assay limits what precious information we can get from these cells.

Fortunately, there is now a way to get more from cell assays. ChromaLive is an indefinitely non-toxic and mix-and-read fluorescent stain that generates a unique signature for every cellular state. 


'Live cell painting'


Generate morphological profiles of drug compounds in live cells

3D culture


Improve staining and assessment of organoid cultures

Dose response


Phenotypic dose response curve of rapamycin-induced autophagy

ChromaLive Features


Read in different fluorescent channels with ChromaLive

Exc/Em: 488/600nm, 488/700 nm, 561/600 nm


Monitor whole-cell changes rather than specific biomarkers

ChromaLive teases apart phenotypes by highlighting cell morphology and by monitoring spectral variation in the 488nm excitation channel


Use ChromaLive in a variety of cell models

Fix your cells with ChromaLive Fix and use in any cell such as stem cells or primary cells


Principal Scientist,
big pharma company

“ChromaLive is surprisingly easy-to-use. It Images yield a very good signal-to-noise ratio. I was able to quickly differentiate apoptotic cells from viable ones in a high-content image analysis. Plus, customer support was outstanding!”

Dr. David Andrews,
Sunnybrook Institute

 “[There] are six kinds of patient CLL cells that we identified using those dyes, and we have found a drug combination, now in clinical trials, that effectively kills cells for one patient cohort”

Senior Scientist,
unicorn biotech company

“My cells are unaffected. I can easily tell between live and dead cell states, and even tell, apart the different immune cells in my model.”

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