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ChromaLive Dye kit

Capture New Cellular Biology

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Different patterns and color changes reflect the cell state. With the same one-tube kit of ChromaLive dyes, changes can be seen in the same cell line for different cell states. Changes are also observed at different time points.

Saguaro’s proprietary ChromaLive dyes are first-of-a-kind dyes that help users monitor the biology of cells in a way that has never been possible before.

  • Multi-week non-toxicity. Track live cells and characterize their respective states for an unlimited amount of time without cytotoxicity
    (tested in 1-month cultures).

  • Measure multiple cell states simultaneously: live, dead, apoptosis, quiescence, stress, and more.

  • No wash. Mix with culture medium

Using the ChromaLive dyes, scientists can improve their understanding of disease models not only by obtaining more information on the biology of cells, but also by identifying new biology that would not be possible otherwise. Given their mix-and-read protocol, the ChromaLive dyes are ideally suited for screening workflows.


The currently available ChromaLive dye kit emits in red and far-red wavelengths and comes in a single tube, enough to cover one multi-well plate.

Quantify drug responses
Quantify cell states such as cell stress, apoptosis, death and more. Use habitual workflows from common image analysis software
ChromaLive dyes mcf7 .png

­ MCF7 cells with ChromaLive dyes (yellow and red) and with DRAQ5 nuclear stain

Ideal for 3D cultures
ChromaLive dyes sit in culture medium and penetrate 3D structures as they grow to yield an even stain 
dye organoid Confocal section.png

­ Confocal section of a 3D organoid with ChromaLive dyes (yellow and red). Dead cells (red) aggregate in the center of the structure. Live cells (yellow) make up the contour of the structure. Hoechst 33342 nuclear stain (blue).

Use with any cell type
Use with primary cells, established cell lines, stem cells, time course, 2D, 3D, live, and fixed samples
ChromaLive with organoids.png
"Indefinitely" non-toxic
Tested in cell proliferation assays, and in presence of organoids and iPSCs in multi-week assays. 
cell proliferation dyes test image.png

Proliferation of 3 cell types cultured in the presence of ChromaLive dyes at their working concentration. 

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