Next-Generation Cell Culture Products to Improve Drug Discovery Success

Saguaro's Drug Discovery Technologies


Capture New Cellular Biology

Improve your understanding of the biology that is investigated

  • "Indefinitely" non-toxic dyes

  • Quantify multiple cell states at the same time (live, dead, apoptosis, quiescence, stress)

  • No Washing Step for High-Throughput Use

ChromaLive with organoids.png
alphamatrix cell lines.png

A) Breast, B) lung, C) colon, and D) ovarian cancer cell lines grown in the AlphaMatrix hydrogel. 200 μm scale bar.

Chemically-Defined Matrix for Predictive Cancer Models

Trust the results of your 3D-matrix cultures, and use with automated workflows

  • Chemically-defined

  • Post-dispensing cross-linking

  • Dissociable for downstream analysis

Chemically-Defined and Ready-to-Use Medium for your Primary Tumor Cells

The only medium you can trust.


PrimaFeed is chemically-defined, so you can be more confident in the establishment success of patient-derived cancer cells. PrimaFeed is the only ready-to-use medium that is scalable.

Test it out!

  • PrimaFeed breast

  • PrimaFeed lung

  • PrimaFeed colon

Modified Image_PDXO2029 Media BMS(-) 6 day 7 211021.jpeg

Breast cancer organoids in PrimaFeed. 400μm scale bar

Coming soon

Co-Matrix kit

Saguaro_Infographic_1of2 (1).jpeg

hydrogel mix

3D Nanofiber Scaffold (green)

04-27-2021 Ak19 IRM90 15K _1_ACTIN DAPI 4X.jpeg

IMR90 lung fibroblast cells in 3D nanofiber scaffold. Captured with widefield fluorescence microscope.
DAPI and green phalloidin stains. 1mm scale bar.

co-culture system

Replicate tumor microenvironments in vitro

Ready-to-use co-culture kit that brings confidence in your results​

  • Replicate the tumor-stroma

  • Controlled architecture

  • Designed for co-cultures with two matrices

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