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Next-Generation Cell Culture Products to Improve Drug Discovery Success

Saguaro's Drug Discovery Technologies


Do More with One Dye

  • "Indefinitely" non-toxic

  • Many cell states at once (live, dead, apoptosis, quiescence, stress, autophagy, more)

  • No Wash

ChromaLive with organoids.png
alphamatrix cell lines.png

A) Breast, B) lung, C) colon, and D) ovarian cancer cell lines grown in the AlphaMatrix hydrogel. 200 μm scale bar.

Trust the results of your 3D-matrix cultures, and use with automated workflows

  • Chemically-defined

  • Post-dispensing cross-linking

  • Dissociable for downstream analysis

The only medium you can trust.


PrimaFeed is chemically-defined, so you can be more confident in the establishment success of patient-derived cancer cells. PrimaFeed is the only ready-to-use medium that is scalable.

Test it out!

  • PrimaFeed breast

  • PrimaFeed lung

  • PrimaFeed colon

Modified Image_PDXO2029 Media BMS(-) 6 day 7 211021.jpeg

Breast cancer organoids in PrimaFeed. 400μm scale bar

Coming soon

Co-Matrix kit

Saguaro_Infographic_1of2 (1).jpeg

hydrogel mix

3D Nanofiber Scaffold (green)

04-27-2021 Ak19 IRM90 15K _1_ACTIN DAPI 4X.jpeg

IMR90 lung fibroblast cells in 3D nanofiber scaffold. Captured with widefield fluorescence microscope.
DAPI and green phalloidin stains. 1mm scale bar.

co-culture system

Replicate tumor microenvironments in vitro

Ready-to-use co-culture kit that brings confidence in your results​

  • Replicate the tumor-stroma

  • Controlled architecture

  • Designed for co-cultures with two matrices

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