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PrimaFeed Medium

Defined and Ready-to-Use Medium for Primary Tumor Cells

PDXO2029 BMS(-) medium 4 day 7.jpeg

Primary breast cancer organoids grown in PrimaFeed breast  at day 7

Primary cells are high-fidelity models, but in addition to being difficult to grow and maintain, they are scarce and valuable. Therefore, we believe they deserve the best growth conditions. 


Saguaro’s PrimaFeed media are first-of-a-kind culture media for the establishment and maintenance of primary cancer cells. PrimaFeed culture media help users be more confident when probing the biology of their primary cells, because their composition is chemically-defined. Neither conditioned medium, nor growth factors isolated from conditioned medium are used.


This means that unlike current media recipes, PrimaFeed is not made up of thousands of unknown growth factors. Rather, only pure growth factors are used in the preparation of PrimaFeed media recipes, therefore guaranteeing the highest quality of culture medium for your valuable primary cells.

PrimaFeed media for breast, lung, and colon tumors are available.

Grow Primary Tumor Cells with More Confidence in your Results
Modified Image_PDXO2029 Media BMS(-) 6 day 7 211021.jpeg

PrimaFeed breast with primary breast cancer organoids at day 7

PDXO2029 Hellen medium 7 day 7 211021.jpeg

Gold standard alternative with primary breast cancer organoids at day 7. Gold standard is made with conditioned medium.

PrimaFeed Medium against current alternatives 
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