Saguaro Announces Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement with Sunnybrook Research Institute for ChromaLive™ dyes

Bringing new biology to light!

QUÉBEC CITYMarch 23, 2022 /CNW/ – Saguaro Technologies inc. announces today an exclusive worldwide license agreement with Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) on small molecules for live-cell imaging. These new molecules, which are now part of Saguaro’s proprietary series of high-performance dyes (ChromaLiveTM), were developed by David Andrews, PhD, Director of Biological Sciences at Sunnybrook Research Institute.

ChromaLiveTM are first-of-its-kind non-toxic live cell imaging dyes for profiling the biology of cells in ways that were not possible before. Using the ChromaLive dyes, scientists can improve their understanding of cellular physiology not only by obtaining more information at once, but also by potentially uncovering entirely new biology that would be hard to discover otherwise.

“I’m very happy to see this technology reaching commercial scale,” said Dr. David Andrews. “It has the potential to provide novel information in the pursuit to reveal the biology of complex diseases such as cancer. Our hope is to reach many researchers around the world to improve the odds of success in drug discovery for human health.”

“Saguaro’s mission is to identify and bring to commercial scale highly innovative technologies with the potential to greatly improve drug discovery and human health”, said Louis Turcotte Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer. “Dr. Andrews is a well-recognized pioneer in this space conducting groundbreaking work to develop new drugs for cancer and other diseases. We are delighted to partner with him and Sunnybrook Research Institute for the further development and commercialization of our ChromaLive platform”, continued Louis Turcotte. “We look forward to delivering our best-in-class cell imaging tools to scientists around the world so that they can join David’s quest”, continued Félix Lavoie-Pérusse Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer.

About ChromaLiveTM dyes

Reveal unprecedented data on the physiology of cell cultures:

  • Multi-week non-toxicity: track live cells and characterize their respective states indefinitely
  • Measure multiple cell states simultaneously: live, dead, apoptosis, quiescence, stress, and more.
  • No wash: mix directly with culture medium.

Given their mix-and-read protocol, the ChromaLive dyes are ideally suited for screening workflows and 3D cultures.

About Saguaro

Saguaro is aspiring to become leader in next-generation technologies that make drug discovery more successful. Our unique products help drug developers make the most of their in vitro models, with the goal of generating new data that is more predictive of results in clinical trials with humans.

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