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Non-Toxic Dye

Visibility into cells just got a lot easier and clearer

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MCF-7 Cells undergoing apoptosis

Do More with One Dye

Non-toxic for weeks

Many cell states... at once!
Measure live, dead, apoptosis, quiescence, ER stress, autophagy, and more

No wash 


ChromaLive Dye
Powerful & Easy-to-Use

Many Cell States
with the Same Dye!

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ChromaLive can also differentiate cell types..!

Indefinite Live-Cell Assays

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Successfully imaged over 25 days in culture

No Wash

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Perfect for High-Content Screens

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Principal Scientist,
Big Pharma in Top 5

ChromaLive is surprisingly easy-to-use. It gives clear images with a very good signal-to-noise ratio. I was able to quickly differentiate apoptotic cells from viable ones in a high-content image analysis. Plus, customer support was outstanding!


Dr. David Andrews,
Senior Scientist at SRI

 There’s no need for a washing step, which makes high-throughput screening possible with ChromaLive. [There] are six kinds of patient CLL cells that we identified using those dyes, and we have found a drug combination, now in clinical trials, that effectively kills cells for one patient cohort

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Senior Scientist,
Leading Biotech Company

My cells are unaffected. I can easily tell between live and dead cell states, and even tell apart the different immune cells in my model

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Reveal New Biology with
High-Value Applications

  • "Cell Painting" - Without Washing and in Live Cells

  •  Reproducible 3D Data - ChromaLive Stains Evenly

  •  Multiplex even more - Combine with other probes

ChromaLive Features 

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Easy as 1-2-3

Mix in medium with cells before plating


ChromaLive signal is retained after fixation


488/600nm, 488/700 nm, 561/600 nm

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Information Sheet and Protocol

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